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Troop 216 Troop 216 has been serving the Alamo, Danville and Walnut Creek communities since 1950. We are proud to be the oldest chartered troop in the Meridian District. The troop has consistently earned the Quality Unit Award – Gold Level, each year for leadership, outdoor programs and scout accomplishments.

If you are here to learn about the Troop, feel free to explore the “About 216” sections in the menu on the left. If you are interested in joining the Troop, send us a message using the “Contact Us” menu. Troop members can login to access more information.

All website updates and announcements should be sent to Charles (charlestai2@yahoo.com)  to be included in the weekly eblast.

Off Site Troop Meeting, Tuesday, May 21st, Bowling!

Posted on May 20 2024 - 9:52pm

The troop will be meeting at Danville Bowl, in Danville.  Families are invited. If you need to report any of your advancements, please email Mrs. Brosnan (Advancement Chairs will not be at this off-site troop meeting).  Please sign up on the troop website, so that the troop has a headcount for lanes. Questions?  Please contact your SPL Tyler.

Scout Volunteers Needed! 4th of July Parade

Posted on May 20 2024 - 9:51pm

Great opportunity for scouts to earn service hours by helping the troop's chartering organization, Kiwanis Club!  Scouts will carry the banners at the front of the Kiwanis Club - Town of Danville 4th of July Parade.  Families welcome!  Please sign up today, so that the troop can let the Kiwanis Club know how many scouts are available to assist with their banner.  Questions?  Please contact Mr. Ankur Gupta.

Troop Families: FRIENDS of SCOUTING Donations Needed!

Posted on May 20 2024 - 7:58pm

Your FOS (Friends of Scouting) donations are important to funding Scouting programs including summer camps, community service projects, adult training and additional insurance to make many of our amazing outings this troop is known for possible.

Troop Goal:Currently, we've achieved less than 30% of our target participation rate, and every donation brings us closer to 100%.  Any amount you’re able to donate goes a long way.   Please consider requesting a matching donation from your company, many have this in place!

NEW SCOUT LEADERSHIP starts August 1st

Posted on May 20 2024 - 7:57pm

ALL Scouts need to fill out a Leadership Application; younger scouts, you may not need a leadership position, but this is a great way to think about future leadership positions that you might be interested in filling.  SM Derek Jue will have the Troop Scout Leadership applications at the May 14th and June 11th Off-Site Troop meetings.  Get an application from him, fill it out and return the application to him. The application is also under "MENU", "File", "Troop Specific Forms". Elections for SPL will be TBD.

REMINDER: Return Camp Equipment

Posted on May 20 2024 - 7:57pm

PARENTS: To support the many troop outings, the troop (and each family) has invested in high quality camping equipment. Please help the troop keep the camping equipment clean and intact. After each outing, your Scout may come home with a piece of camping equipment that his Patrol used. It is his responsibility to clean, inventory, repack and return the item within the week. If it is a tent, it is especially important to open, air & dry out and then repack. He is to bring items to the next troop meeting, or contact the Troop's scout Quartermaster Weston, so that it can be returned to the troop trailer.

The troop asks for your support in getting this accomplished. Please help your scout remember what he needs to do with the equipment, so the troop can continue providing these items to other scouts. Further details are located on the troop website; far left column, "Returning Troop Equipment".


Posted on Apr 7 2024 - 10:34am

SCOUTS, Now is the time to check your records in Scoutbook  If you don’t have access to Scoutbook, please ask your parents to grant you access.  You can see your BSA ID #, rank, completed merit badges, leadership position, patrol, contact information (parents, address, phone number), to name a few details in your record.  It is good to check this information during your scout journey so that you are familiar with these records (and the records are correct) when you start work towards Eagle.  Questions?  Please reach out to the Advancement Chair.

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