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Welcome to Troop 216!

Troop 216 Troop 216 has been serving the Alamo, Danville and Walnut Creek communities for a little over 63 years. We are proud to be the oldest chartered troop in the Meridian District. The troop has consistently earned the Quality Unit Award – Gold Level, each year for leadership, outdoor programs and scout accomplishments.

If you are here to learn about the Troop, feel free to explore the “About 216” sections in the menu on the right. If you are interested in joining the Troop, send us a message using the “Contact Us” menu. Troop members can login to access more information

Court of Honor ~ 65th Celebration

Posted on May 21 2015 - 7:07pm

Mark your calendars and attend this upcoming COH!  Your Scout will be awarded his patches, Merit Badges and/or rank advancement.  It is the troop's 65th anniversary, and there will be cake!  Tuesday, May 26th at the Stone Valley Middle School MPR, at 7PM until 8:30PM.  The TNT Patrol will be hosting, with Cole as MC.  There will be special guests from year's past to help celebrate this special year.  Please wear Class A, look sharp, and plan on the ceremony starting at 7PM.

CAMP MARIN SIERRA ~ July 26th-August 1st

Posted on May 21 2015 - 7:07pm

The camp director was up at camp Sunday, and reported that "it is looking beautiful!  The lake is full, and the smell of the air is clear and clean.  There is still time to sign up for Camp Marin Sierra!  The next camp fee increase occurs after June 1st. Please contact Cynthia (cynsmn@yahoo.com) if your Scout wants to join the fun!  For those that have signed up, look for detail emails from Renee and Tracie - Troop Camp Marin Sierra Coordinators.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU to our Parent Volunteers!

Posted on May 21 2015 - 7:05pm

Without the many troop volunteers, the troop could not have so many great activities, outings, and opportunities to earn Merit Badges. Thank you ASM and MB Counselors Michael Baker (Personal Fitness) and Charlie Luke Velasquez (Cycling) for organizing troop merit badge sessions.  Thank you to ASM Allan for taking a small group of Scouts to UC Berkeley for Nuclear Science MB opportunity.

BIG thank you, to Courtney Cameron for researching and reserving the many camp sites for the troop's monthly outings. Another big thank you to those that lead and attended ~ SM Thor and SM T2 plus ASM Allan, ASM Michael, ASM Dave, ASM Doug, ASM Tom A., as well as parents Chinnavuth, Seamus, Mark, John, Tim T for taking the troop to Angel Island for a service project, backpacking and camping!  AND to SM Thor and SM T2, plus ASM Allan, ASM Michael, ASM Dave, ASM Doug, ASM Jim B, ASM Eric, as well as parent Chinnavuth for taking the troop up to the Lava Beds National Monument for caving and camping!  These outings were epic and memorable!

Another big thank you to Ingrid and Cara for organizing the Spring Advancement Day on the USS Hornet!  The scouts had a great time, toured the ship, and earned at least one merit badge (many two merit badges)!

Annual Medical Health Forms and Authorization Forms

Posted on Apr 23 2015 - 3:29pm

During the month of April, the annual health forms and authorization forms are due.  All Boy Scouts need to do this as well as all Adults who participate in activities.   (Adults – if you are in doubt, complete the forms so that we have them on file in case you decide to go on an outing / activity with the troop.)  The links to the required paperwork can be found on the troop website under the “links” tab on the left, and then clicking on the “Boy Scout Form” link.

Everyone must hand in TWO HARD COPIES of Medical Form A and B  and Medical Insurance card (front and back) – no electronic copies. Form C (two copies) is required only if attending summer camp or high adventure camp.  Please note - if you are attending more than 1 summer camp/high adventure camp, then you will need to submit 3 copies of health forms A,B and C.

Authorization forms require 2 signatures.  You can give the forms to our Membership Chair, Eileen Dufau at a troop meeting, mail them or drop them off at her house.

Troop 216 Closet

Posted on Mar 21 2015 - 9:26am

Buy or Sell or Donate your scout items now!

Do you have scout items including but not limited to uniforms, camping equipment, hiking shoes, outdoor gear, flashlights, backpacks, sleep mats, sleeping bags, etc?  Sell or post for donation your items starting now in the Troop 216 Closet!  Post online your items on the Troop only forum.  Sellers of items are responsible for posting and updating sale items.  Is your scout in need of gear?  Look first in the Troop 216 Closet on the left menu!  Save money and help your fellow Troop 216 members clear storage space!  

Questions or Comments? Contact Cara Stewart via email: carainsanfran@yahoo.com

Red Troop Shirts

Posted on Mar 7 2015 - 7:17pm

Our troops new red shirts are now available.  The cost is 25.00 and per shirt. I will be coming to the March 10th meeting with a variety of sizes for our new scouts.  I also have adult sizes for those who are an ASM.  The maroon shirts are free to those that achieve Life rank. Please feel free to email me  for further information at ingridpinto@comcast.net

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